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Litec, Reddit Crate and Unicrate

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    Litec Specification Sheet



    Sizes Available

• Bonded layers of paper, polythene & cellulose or aluminium laminate

• Fully Wrapped as standard

• Standard white finish

• High strength & Consistency

• Highly moisture resistant

• 100 % recyclable material

Leg 1

Leg 2

Thickness (mm)

(Leg Measurements taken externally)











• Length

• Thickness

• Legs

• Angle

: +/-5 mm

: +/· 0.4 mm (Avg of 2 legs) : +/·5 mm

: +/· 10•

*Lengths available up to 6,000mm



• Due to recycled material, there may be colour variations on finished product.

• Offset leg lengths available

• Aluminium wrap available on some sizes


Optional one colour

    Reddi Crate & UniCrate

    The Problem

Wooden crates are costly, need treatment for export and have environmental issues. Due to weight these can also add extra cost for transport if airfreighted. Splinter & nails can cause Health and safety issues.


Corrugated alternatives can be difficult to use and lack protection against damage and strength.


Tubes can be difficult to pack especially on long lengths as product has to packed via the end so double the length is required. During transit tubes can be damaged as they will roll around if not secured.

    The Solution

Our products REDDI CRATE/UNICRATE can solve many of these issues. We can offer Reddi Crate in a number of different sizes to suit many applications. It is ideally suitable for long lengths but can easily be cut to length to suit shorter products or where a variety of lengths may be required.

    The Benefits

Reddi/Uni Crate provides a neat, modern and environmentally sound packing system. The crates are clean and have no splinter, nail or damp issues. They make packing easy as they are top loaded, they are strong and the square profile ensuring your delivery gets to its destination damage free and can be printed to highlight branding or to add security.

In association with our manufacturing plants, our objectives are simple, innovation with simplicity. Offering different styles of packaging from plain to full colour. Adhesive tapes printed/plain shrink and bubble wrap with next day delivery from stock to accompany your new packaging.

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