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General Applications, Anti-Slip and Anti-Grip Sheets

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    General Applications

    The Problem

Pallets arriving damaged and/or unstable

- Valuable product missing

- Stretch film crushing & damaging product on the pallet

- Double stacked pallets crushing goods on bottom pallet

All these are common problems, ones that can be avoided. The resulting

    The Solution

We can offer edge protection products with materials suited to individual requirements and applications. Our belief in the theory that •one size fits all" is a misplaced one. We can provide products to protect. stabilize and to allow safe double stacking.

    The Benefits

Reduction in rejects/returns, less product damage due to stretch film, more product packed per pallet and savings on warehouse and transport costs when pallets double stacked.

    Anti-Slip/Grip Sheets

    The Problem

- Damage caused by product movement or falling from the pallet

- Health & Safety issues with fork lift spillages

- Expensive resolution or damaged product

    The Solution

These are an economical solution to product slippage on pallets when loading and are ideal to use in conjunction with edge protection. stretch film and strapping.

Standard Sizes:-

740 x 1140mm

750 x 1150mm

770x 1170mm

800 x 1000mm

800 x 1200mm

940 x 1140mm

950 x 1150mm

970 x 1170mm

1000 x 1200mm

Available in Light-weight 100g, Medium-weight 140g and Heavy-weight 220g to suit all applications from manual to Auto/robotic systems.


Other bespoke sizes available on request.

In association with our manufacturing plants, our objectives are simple, innovation with simplicity. Offering different styles of packaging from plain to full colour. Adhesive tapes printed/plain shrink and bubble wrap with next day delivery from stock to accompany your new packaging.

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